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Our website address is: https://regalcab.in.

In the case of any attempted fraud or any suspected illegal activity involving the use of this web site, detailed visitor information will be provided to law enforcement officials and/or authorized government institutions. Otherwise, the following applies :
This site uses cookies to identify individual user’s selections. These cookies do not collect or store any personal or private information and expire when the user closes his or her browser. All information provided by visitors is treated confidentially and is used by us to fulfill customer needs, respond to customer inquiries, improve our web site and services, track advertising results, and communicate with those who have requested information from our company. Visitor information is not sold to or shared with other parties for any commercial purposes other than confidential site performance and sales tracking. Any marketing e-mails sent by our company include a convenient way for recipients to be excluded from our e-mail list. This privacy policy applies to all visitors.

We respect our customers’ privacy and applaud efforts by others to uphold individual privacy and security on the Internet.

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